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Dental Office Grove City

Where can I find a dental office in Grove City?

According to the Center for Disease Control, 95% of adults in the US have had cavities in their permanent teeth by the age of 65. At Smile Envy, we provide state-of-the-art care to prevent the onset and progress of this widespread oral health problem. With bi-annual preventive visits to our dental office in Grove City, you and every member of your family can maintain cavity-free, beautiful smiles.

Dental Office Grove City

Preventing tooth decay begins at home, with a daily routine of brushing, flossing and maintaining a diet that is low in sugary foods. These steps help to combat the detrimental effects of plaque, a sticky film that continuously accumulates in the mouth, harboring bacteria that feed on sugar. Plaque accumulates in places difficult to reach with toothbrushing and flossing, where it hardens and turns to tartar. To thoroughly clean away plaque and tartar, we recommend professional dental teeth cleanings twice a year, in conjunction with your at-home oral hygiene regimen. As part of your visit to our dental office in Grove City, our dentist also provides informing and engaging guidance on better techniques for caring for your teeth at home. We aim to provide you and your family with the tools you need to develop optimal oral hygiene habits. For our youngest patients, we recommend dental sealants – protective coatings applied to the back molars – to guard against the adverse effects of plaque and food debris. We also recommend fluoride treatments, which are applied to teeth to prevent the erosion of enamel. As part of your or your child’s check-up, our dentist performs a comprehensive examination to detect tooth decay at its outset. To treat a cavity, our dentist gently and precisely removes the decayed matter from the tooth, cleans the area, then fills the site with restorative materials. Tooth colored composite resin fillings blend seamlessly with natural tooth structure, for functional and cosmetically pleasing results, and are durable enough to withstand the force of your bite.

At every visit to our dental office in Grove City, we keep you well informed, comfortable and relaxed. At Smile Envy, your family’s oral health is our number one priority. To schedule an appointment, please call our office today.

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