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Despite all of the improved dental services available today, dental decay is still a prevalent problem. In fact, in terms of frequency, cavities are second only to the common cold. At Smile Envy, your general dentist in Grove City, our goal is to provide our patients with the most effective preventive measures and oral hygiene tools to help ward off dental decay. In situations where cavities are already present we offer the most advanced procedures available today to restore your smile.


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Next to prevention, the early detection and treatment of dental decay are essential to maintaining the health and beauty of your smile. Everyone’s mouth contains bacteria.  While some bacteria are good, and live in harmony with you – their host – there are others that in some circumstances can be harmful. Anyone, at any age, is susceptible to dental decay. It is caused by the acids that are produced by the bacteria that feed off of the sugars that remain on your teeth when you do not properly clean food particles from your teeth and gums.

These acids slowly destroy tooth structure starting with the outer strong enamel and then proceeding to the inner portions of the tooth. Left untreated dental decay can significantly breakdown your tooth and even lead to tooth loss or an infection that can have serious consequences to your health. To avoid such consequences, your general dentist in Grove City emphasizes preventive care along with periodic dental checkups to check for dental decay and other problems that can affect your oral health.

A healthy smile depends on an excellent oral health routine. This includes brushing, flossing, a good diet, healthy lifestyle and taking steps to protect your teeth from dental trauma. But if you have a cavity, your general dentist in Grove City offers many strategies to treat your tooth, halt the progression of dental decay, and restore the natural beauty and function of your tooth.

If you are interested in learning more about our preventive program and the many restorative dental treatments that we offer, call our office today.


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