43123 TMJ Dentist

43123 TMJ Dentist

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TMJ Dentist in 43123

The TMJ or temporomandibular joints are the joints and muscles that make it possible to open and close your mouth. These joints also allow you to move your lower jaw from side to side. You use the temporomandibular joints when you speak, chew or yawn. Any problem that inhibits this complex system of joints from working is referred to as TMJ disorder. At Smile Envy, your 43123 TMJ dentist, we are able to provide night guards to help alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorder.

TMJ disorders include arthritis, dislocation, injury, tooth and jaw misalignments, stress and teeth grinding. When you visit your 43123 TMJ dentist, they will take diagnostic films and impressions of your mouth to diagnose the condition and to rule out any other possible causes of your jaw discomfort. Symptoms of TMJ may include headaches, earaches and shoulder pain. Your dentist will check for tenderness, clicking, popping or difficulty moving your jaw. To treat TMJ disorder, your dentist may recommend using a nightguard to keep your jaw in place while you sleep. When you grind or clench your teeth, it puts additional strain on the muscles

43123 TMJ Dentist

and joints in your jaw, which can cause painful inflammation. A nightguard keeps your upper and lower teeth slightly apart to help prevent tooth grinding and alleviate the pressure on your joints when you sleep. Your nightguard is designed to comfortably fit your mouth, and is portable and easy to clean. Your dentist may recommend eating softer foods, practicing relaxation techniques and exercises to improve the muscles in the jaw.

At Smile Envy, we provide state-of-the-art care in a relaxed, friendly office environment. As your 43123 TMJ dentist, our goal is to provide you with relief from the symptoms of TMJ, to ensure your optimal oral health. To learn more about our services, call today.


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